Browse through any beauty publication, glossy magazine or celebrity news section and you’re unlikely to come across anyone with a less-than-perfect smile. Dentists have reported year on year increases in the popularity of cosmetic dentistry, but does our obsession with a perfect smile reflect the social attitudes of today?

The importance of a perfect smile

Why is the smile so important?

If you regularly read the news or you like to keep up to date with social media and surveys, you may have noticed that there have been several polls, which confirm that us Brits are image-conscious and the smile often tops the list of the most important physical features. Benefits of a great smile.

This is no surprise as most commonly, you use your smile to greet people, meet new people and strike up a relationship and it makes a much better impression that tight-lipped, nervy greeting.

Dating websites show that most people list a ‘nice smile’ as the most important physical trait in a potential partner or date, while employers admit to being drawn to people who appear hygienic, clean and attractive and a healthy looking smile makes a huge difference when it comes to seeking out new members of the workforce.

See: People with a perfect smile are happier in life.

Celebrity culture

It’s not just dentistry that’s kicked off in terms of celebrity trends; people are doing all sorts of things, from taking up boot-camp style training and tanning every day, to dying their hair and getting false nails every week to try and emulate their beauty and style icons. People with cosmetic dentistry.

One the major reasons people are so image-conscious is the growth of celebrity culture and the media obsession with looks and appearance; you often read articles jibing one celebrity for being too fat or highlighting the fact that they have put weight on quickly followed by another criticising another person for being too thin and setting a bad example.

The reality is that wherever you go, you’re likely to see images, which influence you to a degree; some people are much more bothered than others but most would admit that they feel something, whether it’s positive or negative, when they see photographs in the paper.

Smile and success

The notion that a bright white smile is beautiful is nothing new; white teeth have been linked to success, wealth and attractiveness for centuries, but perhaps today beauty is more in your face and inescapable.

The idea of beauty is maybe narrower than it was in previous generations; there is very much a set mould, which is enforced by designers, casting directors, photographers and media executives and at the moment, a perfect smile is a must-have.

A perfect smile can be achieved by numerous dental treatments, including braces, veneers, teeth whitening, implants and dental bonding.