Take My Breath Away are often asked by people that they would like to improve the appearance of their teeth. Sometimes they are not sure on what options are out there.

This is where our experts come in!

A problem that some people face is having gaps between their teeth. This can be from having small teeth, congenitally absent teeth, or loss of teeth due to decay or trauma.

What treatment options are there for spaced teeth?

Orthodontics to close spaces.

This is a popular option as there is no preparation needed. A dentist can close the spaces with clear or invisible braces.

This is normally done in the teenage years, but adult orthodontics is becoming more and more popular as patients realise they can have the straight teeth that they have always wanted with clear braces.


This involves placing a porcelain/ceramic ‘veneer’ over the front of teeth and can close small gaps between teeth and improve your smile at the same time. Very popular with film and tv stars.


This is a white filling material that can be used to build up teeth to close small gaps between individual teeth.


These can be used in more severe cases of spaced teeth or people with small teeth looking to improve the size of their teeth.

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